Dampwood Termites

Latin Name:Zootermopsis spp.
Length:20 to 25 mm

Identifications & Appearance

There are several types of Dampwood termites found in the US. Dampwood termites are large that subterranean termites more commonly found in the United States.

Swamers are winged type Dampwood termites which can be as long as 25 mm. Large winged swarmers, are produced for the purpose of mating and starting new colonies.  They may be confused with winged ants, but the termites have straight antennae, four pairs of equal length wings and a straight sided body.

Soldiers have a large head with pincers and can be as long as 20 mm.

Behavior, Diet & Habits

Dampwood termites typically make their home in damp and sometime decaying wood where they make their home. They will get into wood that is touching the ground especially if it is decaying.

A pair of winged swarmers starts a colony of dampwood termites. They find a suitable piece of wood and make a chamber in it. They produce a few eggs the first year. Colonies are usually small, but in ideal conditions dampwood termite colonies can become large.

Signs of Dampwood Termite Infestation


Dampwood termites do not usually have contact with the soil. They do not make tunnels like the subterranean termites. Wood that dampwood termites have damaged usually looks clean and smooth inside. They often eat across the grain, especially in wood that is decayed.


The dampwood termites sometimes use their fecal pellets to seal the galleries where they live from the outside air. If the wood is fairly dry, the fecal pellets may fall to the bottom of the gallery. If the wood is very damp, the fecal pellets may stick to the sides of the termite galleries.

More Information

Because moisture is critical to these termites, solving moisture problems is an important part of dampwood termite control. Plumbing problems, leaks in roof or siding, wood that is touching the ground and even rainwater drainage are all examples of situations that may need to be addressed.

After the moisture conditions have been corrected, the damaged wood can be replaced. It is sometimes necessary to use treated wood.

Termiticide treatment in the wood is sometimes necessary. Because these treatments require special tools and equipment, it is advisable to call a professional.

Dampwood Termites
PEST CONTROLTermites are a group of Eusocial Insects that live in colonies.

Termites are most dangerous insects than any other insects living in the world. These termites can destroy your house foundations, furniture, shelves etc.,

Therefore, it is necessary to take the proper steps to protect your homes from termites and get rid of them. Our team will prevent this by using the most effective treatments with least impact on the environment.

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